How Akeneo can help you

Centralize your product informations

Collect and enrich your data at only one place.

Improve the customer experience

Deliver a compelling product experience to drive great customer experiences.

Deliver complete informations

Ensure your product information is accurate and complete before to share it online.

Simplify your Multi-language management

Manage up to 210 different locales and simplify the process of translations.

Take control on your product informations diffusion

Export only what each wholesaler/marketplace needs for their specific channels.

Onboard your suppliers

Offer a platform to your suppliers to help them provide you the data you need.

Open Source Akeneo Modules

Akeneo Pim Extension Bundle Packaging Product Options

Akeneo Extension :
Product Option Connector Bundle

It is possible that during automatic imports some lines are ignored because an attribute option has not been created in the PIM. Any new data from this product will be ignored and we may lose it.
To avoid losing this data, this bundle creates the missing attribute option before processing the product itself. The value in the CSV field is used as a label and adapted to create the code. Specific characters are removed and spaces are replaced by underscores.

Stop worrying about your new attribute options values

Select your default locale and start importing without end

Create your new attributes options automatically while importing products

Download the akeneo extension / Doc
Akeneo Expert Consutant

Akeneo Extension :
Mapping Connector Bundle

The creation of specific connectors is a very frequent request in Akeneo projects. The best practice would be to homogenize our data structures across all of our channels, but it is sometimes difficult to edit systems already developed for years.
This bundle allows you to adapt the exports and imports to any interface by adding a mapping from the back office between the Akeneo attributes and those of your other platforms.

Save your time and stop developing specific connectors

Create mappings between your Akeneo attributes and your CSV columns directly from the interface.

Import your configuration easily via CSV

Download the akeneo extension / Doc
Akeneo Pim Extension Bundle Packaging Archiver Step

Akeneo Extension :
Archiver Step Bundle

Manage by yourself where to stock your imported files

Step easy to plug to another connector

Available for Akeneo's latest version

Download the akeneo extension / Doc
Akeneo Expert Consutant

Consulting & Expertise:

Specialized in Akeneo since its launch in 2014.

Adapt the platform according to your needs

Simplify the learning of the tool

Guide you before/during/after the project

Develop reusable and documented code

Optimize the data structure

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