Mapping Connector Bundle



The creation of specific connectors is a very frequent request in Akeneo projects. The best practice would be to homogenize our data structures across all of our channels, but it is sometimes difficult to edit systems already developed for years.
This bundle allows you to adapt the exports and imports to any interface by adding a mapping from the back office between the Akeneo attributes and those of your other platforms.



  • Save your time and stop developing specific connectors
  • Create mappings between your Akeneo attributes and your CSV columns directly from the interface.
  • Import your configuration easily via CSV


  • The Advanced Imports Connector is compatible with Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, & Cloud (PaaS/Flexibility) Edition of Akeneo.
  • This module works with Akeneo 2.3.x Download Akeneo from here
  • This module uses the Custom Entity Bundle made by Akeneo: here


This module is not supported anymore. Please use the Advanced Imports Connector for newer versions.