Akeneo expert since 2014 certified “Implementation Specialist”

Rich of web development and project management experiences, I’m able to rise on functional and technical solutions.

Whether you want to develop your e-commerce project, improve your product experience, increase your team productivity, or adapt the tool to your need, I’m here to propose you skillful solutions to reach your goals.

Aside from my missions, I develop modules for the community to add new features and improve Akeneo. Don’t forget to check my extensions!


Improve your workflow and your productivity with these extensions.

Advanced Imports Connector

This Akeneo extension can be considered as a toolbox that will bring you all the features you need to import products from files and increase your productivity. With the help of the Advanced Imports Connector module, you can configure your job profiles to adapt the structure …


Product Options Connector


It is possible that during automatic imports some lines are ignored because an attribute option has not been created in the PIM. Any new data from this product will be ignored and we may lose it.
To avoid losing this data, this bundle creates the missing attribute option before …


Mapping Connector Bundle


The creation of specific connectors is a very frequent request in Akeneo projects. The best practice would be to homogenize our data structures across all of our channels, but it is sometimes difficult to edit systems already developed for years.
This bundle allows you to adapt the exports and …



Zoe Wright

Zoe Wright

"Nicolas was very easy to work with. He took the time to understand our requirements and provide information on how the platform will meet our needs. Being new to e-commerce, Nicolas was very patient and happy to go over content multiple times to ensure we understood how the platform worked. Great communicator."

Anthony Rio

Anthony Rio

PHP Technical Project Manager - Accenture

"His expertise and skills in Akeneo were beneficial for the progress, the realization of the project and for the team. He did not hesitate to extend his scope when the need arose. It would be a pleasure to work with him again."

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